She Feeds Blind Raccoon, Then Realizes He Has Two Tiny Bodyguards That Guide Him Home

Eryn who lives in Illinois has been taking care of a half-blind raccoon that shows up at her doorstep. She left food on her doorstep every day for him.

However, things became a little different when the raccoon brought two of his friends along.

From that point forward, the raccoon showed up at the home every day with his two cat friends. Everyday they ate. Then the cats would mosey through the yard with the raccoon close behind.  The trio would go back to the wild. Days went on like this. One day Eryn noticed the cats showed up without the raccoon.

The owner later found out the raccoon had died. He lived for 5 years though which is much longer than the typical lifespan of a raccoon. Thanks to the help of Eryn, the raccoon lived a great life.

After the death of the raccoon, Eryn decided to welcome the two cats into her family.  The two met Eryn’s cat and the 3 became inseparable.  Life is good.

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