Ferret Won’t Stop Biting Owner’s Hand, Then He Realizes She's Trying To Tell Him Something

Darcy the ferret was so excited to share the birth of her babies with everyone.  She couldn’t wait for her human to meet her babies.

As he was filming, Darcy’s owner took notice to the ferret biting at his fingers.  He ignored her a few times but the ferret persisted.  She continued nipping, pulling and tugging at his fingers as if to say “come follow me”.

20 seconds into filming Dad gave in and allowed her to take his hand and guide him to where she nesting with her new family.

The video below shows the ferret taking him by the hand to her nesting box where all her adorable little kits are.

Darcy pushes a baby towards his hands with her snout.  But it looks like he got a little too close because when he picks up one of the babies she takes it out of his hands.  When he pulls back from the nest, Darcy chases after him.  She once again grabs his finger and leads him back to the box of babies.

Other domesticated animals lead their humans to their new babies just like Darcy did.  She was pretty proud of her new babies, but aren’t all “New Moms”?

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