Filley Won't Leave Man After Being Scratched- Her Next Trick Has The Internet Howling

One human pleasure most can relate to his having your back scratched.  Animals also like being pet and scratched.

One horse, in particular, loved having her back scratched so much that she’d find a way to position herself so that you couldn’t help but get the message. One man, the horse owner’s brother decides to play along and give her the back scratching that she so desires.  But when the scratching stops you won’t believe what she does to show her disapproval.

The filly in the video started the back scratching session by backing up directly into the man.  She actually bumped him enough to almost make him loose his balance.  Instead of disciplining by telling her no though he decides to give her what she wants. He scratches her back and then steps back enough so that he can’t reach her.  The filly fixes that problem by taking several steps back also.

The filly would back up each time the man stepped back so that he could reach her.  Then he’d scratch her again, much to her delight.  But when he would stop and back up, she also would back up and so on.  Finally, the man decided to call an end to the game.  What she does next though has taken the internet by storm.

All jokes aside this will be a dangerous behavior if she’s allowed to get away with this much longer as she grows.  But for now, people are getting lots of laughs from the video.

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