She Finds Odd Baby Bird Abandoned, Documents His Growth Over One Year

Once a wild bird egg falls from the nest, the chances of it hatching and then growing to adulthood are close to zero.  The bird will need warmth at a specific temperature, the right food, and the perfect conditions that normally only a mother bird could provide.

When Susan Hickman found the little-cracked egg on the ground, she looked around from where it had fallen from its nest.  When she was unable to locate where it came from, she knew she had to try to save it.  Bird experts said that the bird would most likely die.  Susan chose to not give up. She named the bird Klinger.  Susan provided an incubator and correct nourishment that she fed to Klinger every 2 hours around the clock.

To everyone’s surprise, Klinger began to gain weight and then he started to grow feathers.  It wasn’t long after that, that his eyes opened.  Susan continued to provide a nurturing environment that the little bird craved.  She even set up a little bird bath for him in her bathroom sink. Klinger seemed to eagerly look forward to taking a bath several times a day.  Klinger, she learned was a Starling.  Starlings are very common birds across the United States.

Klinger thrived under Susan’s loving care. He soon learned to fly and then he learned to talk using English words.  Klinger was now old enough to be released to into the wild.  That was Susan’s original plan but because he had imprinted with her, he most likely would not survive in the wild.

Susan would keep Klinger as a pet instead of releasing him.  “Fortunately, I live in a state that does not prohibit keeping Starlings as pets,” Susan said.  “So Klinger will always have a home with me.”

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