A Cat Stranded Two Stories Above Ground, They Couldn't Believe How He Got There

When Ohio resident Ellen Albert had noticed her beautiful white cat, Fluffy stranded up in a tree she wasn’t sure what to do next!

Fluffy is a sweet white cat, that spends most of his life living outside. Everyday she plays outside with no worries. Until recently she was playing outside when something absolutely horrifying happened. But there was no way the cat climbed that high up into the tree.

The small cat got taken by a hawk and put into a tree! When Ellen finally saw her cat after looking for many many hours the woman was extremely frightened. Fluffy was placed on top of a tree approximately two stories high! She was so worried, not only because of how high up her beloved cat was but also because of how windy it was on that particular day! Albert worried that the wind would blow her baby out of the tree.

Even though all of her friends told her that cats always climb back down trees, Albert did not believe them. Albert comments,

“She wasn’t going to make it. She was going to die up there and she was all alone.”

After three days of waiting for Fluffy to come down, there was no luck. Ellen began to lose hope. So she called the fire department. When they arrived on the scene, Fluffy was absolutely stranded, starving and in a very scary position.

The firefighters could not get to Fluffy so they kindly asked a local tree service to aid them in the process of saving Fluffy.

Once the team rescued her they noticed that she did not have her collar on. This made the chief firefighter think that a bird must have taken Fluffy off the ground and lost her because the collar fell off. Rick Annen, the chief, adds,

“They’re both missing so we figured when it got to the top of the tree, the collars came off. That’s why the cat dropped into the tree and then the hawk couldn’t get back into it.”

Fluffy’s owner, Ellen Albert, is extremely grateful for all the help she has received from this crazy accident. She is just glad to have her baby back! Albert says,

“I’m just truly amazed that she made it that long and these guys are here to help.”

Has your cat ever climbed into a tree they couldn’t get back down from?  Did you have to call the fire department?

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