Firefighters Notice A Mama Duck Panicking And Quickly Rescue Her Ducklings


When Fred Rogers of the popular children’s’ television show Mr. Rogers was afraid as a child, his mother would tell him to “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” But what do you do if you are a wild animal needing help? Thankfully, this planet has many helpers that are looking out for them. Let’s take a look at how the firefighters in Meridian, Idaho helped some ducklings that had fallen into a storm drain.


Facebook/Maggie O’Mara

When the Meridian Fire Department heard about ducklings that had fallen into a storm drain, Engine 33 wasted no time in responding to the rescue task. Local Alexis Munden took and shared some photos for all to enjoy.


Facebook/Maggie O’Mara

Once on the scene, the firefighters reached their arms down into the drain. Then they carefully scooped up each of the fluffy ducklings.  This may seem like a simple task, but the firefighters were heroes to the ducklings that would have perished had they not helped.


Facebook/Maggie O’Mara

The Mother Duck Anxiously Awaited The Reunion With Her Ducklings.


All the while that the rescue took place, the mother duckling watched. We can only imagine how frantic she must have been feeling without access to her precious little ones. Once the ducklings were pulled out of the drain, they were soon reunited with their mother.


Facebook/Maggie O’Mara

Ducklings often fall in storm drains so this rescue isn’t anything new. But to these ducklings it was new and the outcome meant life over death for them. Firefighters truly deserve our recognition and gratitude for all that they do. They are always ready to risk their lives to save other humans in fires, and in this case, take time out of their day to help some stranded ducklings in need.


Facebook/Maggie O’Mara

The world needs more people like the firefighters of Meridian Fire Department, Engine 33. Let’s hope that this story inspires many to help the helpless.

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