Fisherman Finds A Rare Sea Creature In Trouble And Does The Unthinkable


You just never know when you may be called upon to help an animal in need. Two brothers were in the right place at the right time when a rare fish needed their help.


Noah Thompson

Noah and Jacob Thompson were just heading out to do some fly fishing while on vacation in Mexico when they experienced a sudden change in plans. While driving to their fishing destination, they spotted something shining on the beach. It looked like a creature as they viewed it for the first time from about a hundred feet away.

“We noticed it from a distance as we were cruising up on our four-wheeler,” Noah Thompson said. “My brother was off the quad before I could even stop it and had his hands on his head screaming — he knew exactly what it was.”


Normally An Oarfish Is Over 3,000 Feet Down.


Jacob knew that the 8 to 9-foot fish was a juvenile oarfish. This rare sea creature that normally lives at depths of 3,300 feet can grow to be approximately 56 feet long.


“It was a very strange creature,” Thompson recalled. “It’s easy to see now where legends and lore of sea monsters really come from. It was, in every essence of the word, a true sea monster. I can’t imagine bumping into a bigger one.”


Noah Thompson

The Oarfish Recovered

Once the oarfish was in the water, he began to recover. In fact, after a few minutes, he was able to swim away. “In my mind, I would like to think that we did our part,” Thompson said. “And, hopefully, that fish made it back to where it came from and is still swimming around.”
Noah Thompson

The brothers didn’t catch the fish that they planned to. But that didn’t matter. “It was a pretty incredible experience to be able to share with my little brother,” Thompson added. “I’ll never forget that moment.”


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