Fisherman In Middle Of Montana Lake Makes An Adorably Unexpected Catch



The Hereford family was offshore on Flathead Lake when they saw something in the water in front of them. Upon closer inspection, they saw that a bobcat was struggling to stay afloat. They knew that they must do all that they could to help the little guy, so they scooped him up in a fishing net.



The Family Wasted No Time In Rescuing the Bobcat


No one knows for sure how the bobcat got out that far in the middle of the lake. Animals of many species can get into all kinds of trouble so it’s hard to say what happened. We probably will never know for sure why the bobcat was way out on the lake like that. But it’s likely that he may not have survived if it wasn’t for the Hereford family’s quick thinking.


Cindy Benson, a person who spoke with the Herefords told The Missoulian, “They believed that if they didn’t net it, it was going to drown. It looked really tired.” But thankfully that tragic outcome didn’t happen.

Some days fishing can be exciting and other days downright uneventful. For the Hereford family, this is going to be a day that they will remember. The story may even be handed down from generation to generation. It’s not every day that you catch a bobcat.


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