Fisherman Spots Ripples In River, Then Reaches In What He Pulls Out Surprised Everyone

Jason Frost and his friend Brandon were having a typical day of fishing when all of a sudden their day suddenly turned dramatic. Brandon filmed what happened next.

“Y’all are not going to believe what is swimming toward our boat,” Jason says to Brandon. On the video, you can see that the little creature swimming towards them was a kitten. Jason without hesitation kneeled down on the boat ready to grab the kitten by the neck. With the wet meowing kitten safely aboard his boat, Jason said, “Never in my life have I seen anything like this.  Is this not the craziest thing y’all have ever seen?”

Just when it seems that all was well, here comes kitten number 2 following along. Jason doesn’t hesitate as he gets ready to make the next big catch of the day.  “C’mon, I’m gonna get you,” Jason assures the swimming kitty. He pulls the second one aboard and while Brandon exclaims, “They’re twins!”

While we will never know why these two kittens were swimming towards Jason and Brandon’s boat that day, Jason guesses that someone was trying to get rid of them and left them out there. Jason said that there were not any houses for miles.  He believes that they were so desperate for help that they jumped into the water and swam towards their boat.

Jason’s heroic efforts didn’t end there. He took them home from the lake that day and found a home for them.  A friend with two small children was happy to take them in.

While we aren’t sure how the fishing for fish went that day for the two men, it seems like they certainly got a good catch. Had they not been there that day at that exact time, we won’t know what would have become of the two helpless kitties.

See the video of the heroic rescue.

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