Five Heroic Pit Bulls Who Will Make You Rethink Their Tough Reputation

Let’s face it. People are divided about pit bulls. Some people think that they’re aggressive and unpredictable by nature. This has led to pit bull bans in many areas. Other people believe that aggressiveness comes down to individual personality and the way any given dog has been raised. Stories about pit bull attacks get a lot of press — and many clicks. However, there are plenty of stories of pit bull heroism as well.

Here are five stories of hero pitties that will make you rethink the breed.

#1 Sasha Pulled a Baby From a Burning Building

The image is a Twitter screenshot

Sasha, an eight-month-old pittie from Stockton, CA, has a special bond with her little girl, who is the same age. The mother of eight-month-old Masailah told their local news that the two sleep together, and even bathe together. Sasha is, by all reports, a quiet and well-behaved pup. So imagine her owner’s surprise, when, during an outdoor playtime, Sasha begins to “go berserk,” barking and throwing herself at the back door, wanting to get in.

Sasha had smelled smoke, before any of her human companions had. Moreover, she knew that little Masailah was inside the house.

Her owner opened the door, and Sasha ran in, making a beeline straight for Masailah’s room. When the owners got there, Sasha had Masailah by her diaper and was trying to pull her to safety.

The family, unfortunately, lost their home. However, there’s no doubt that Sasha saved them, especially baby Masailah, from much, much worse. You can read more at the Sacramento Bee. Also, if you want to donate to the family’s GoFundMe to help them to find a new home, you can do that here.

#2 Ember Alerted Parents to Their Child’s Seizure

Ember was a rescued pit bull and the Daniels family’s second pittie. According to Tre’s father, Tony, a firefighter, she bonded with ten-year-old Tre most of all. Moreover, it was a good thing, too.

One night, in the middle of the night, Tre’s mother, Tracy, said, Ember came into their room, and sat down on her side of the bed. Then, Ember proceeded to make a strange noise, which Tracy described as a “grumble.” And she wouldn’t stop. Finally, when Tracey got up, Ember led her to a shocking sight.

Tre’s legs were sticking out of the bathtub. The rest of his body was in the tub, and he was having a seizure. The ten-year-old had begun to seize, then fallen into the tub — a potentially very dangerous situation. Tre’s parents called for paramedics, and Tre was rushed to the hospital. Tre, thankfully, is fine, now, and his family credit Ember with alerting them to the danger before Tre injured himself seriously. When Tre came back from the hospital, his mother said, Ember wouldn’t leave his side.

According to the Adore-a-Bull rescue, the Cincinnati rescue where the family found Ember, Ember had been an abandoned pup, living on her own. Who knows what she endured on the streets of Cincinnati? And yet she put her quick thinking and tender heart to work, saving the little boy whose family saved her. You can watch the full story below.

#3 Lily Saved Her Owner From an Oncoming Train

Eight-year-old Lily is another rescue pittie. Police officer David Lanteigne rescued Lily and gave her to his mother as a gift. Three years later, Lily repaid the favor — and then some. His mother had suffered from depression and alcoholism for many years. However, according to Lanteigne, having Lily around had helped her to work through her depression, and to achieve sobriety.

Unfortunately, an incident in the family caused his mother to have a setback. So one day, she and Lily were out walking, and Lanteigne’s mother passed out on the railroad tracks. And then a heavily laden cargo train appeared, bearing down on the pair.

Lily pulled her owner to safety. Unfortunately, the hero pittie couldn’t get clear of the train in time. She suffered catastrophic injuries to one front leg, and her pelvis was shattered in three places. She eventually underwent two surgeries, including one leg amputation. Also, vets gave her metal plates in her pelvis.

Lily survived, with serious injuries and lifelong scars. However, vets are optimistic that she will walk again. Most importantly, she is surrounded by family who loves her.

You can read more here, or learn more in the video below.

#4 Kilo Takes a Robber’s Bullet

Many people say they’d take a bullet for a loved one — and they probably mean it. But this dog stepped up to the challenge. This twelve-year-old hero took a bullet to the head for his owners — and lived to tell the tail…er…tale on live TV.

One day, Kilo’s owners, Justin and Nicole, opened the door to someone dressed as a FedEx employee. The employee said he had a package for them, but that his scanner was broken, and asked to come inside. When the man saw Kilo, he asked Justin to put the dog in another room, because he was afraid of dogs. Once Kilo was safely away, the man tried to rob them.

Justin fought back, hard. When Kilo heard the fighting, he burst through the door to the rescue. The robber shot Kilo in the head and neck, then fled.

Fortunately, Justin and Nicole were able to get Kilo to the vet in time, and this spunky senior pittie survived. You can see him, and hear his story, in the video below.

#5 Kidnapper’s Pit Bull Turned on Him to Protect his Victim

Image: CC0 by Live Laugh Love, via Pixabay

Our final story comes from Las Cruces, New Mexico, and it has a twist. We’ve already seen how these pitties have acted heroically on behalf of their owners. But would you believe a dog clever enough to know right from wrong — and brave enough to act on it? That’s just what happened in this case.

Gabriel Garcia was a pit bull owner. He was also a nasty piece of work. He met a woman at a party and took her car keys. Then he contacted her on Facebook, and told her if she wanted them, she had to meet him to get them. When she arrived at the meeting place, he forced her back to his house and held her hostage. He allegedly became violent toward her, assaulted her, and attempted to sexually assault her. When the woman tried to call 911, Garcia pushed her down a flight of stairs and ordered his pit bull to bite her.

The pittie bit his owner, Garcia, instead.

Eventually, the woman escaped and was able to call the police. Garcia went to jail, after being treated for a nasty dog bite.

Now that’s a heroic pit bull!

Nature or Nurture?

Some people will always believe that aggression is a built-in feature. Others will judge our canine companions on their individual behavior. What do you believe? Do you have any pitbull tails…er…tales to tell? Tell us about it in the comments!

Featured Image: CC0, by Zizilen, via Pixabay

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