Florida Man Steps Out His Front Door Finds A Big Surprise Sleeping On His Porch

Here’s a real life Goldilocks story but with a twist. Most of us know the story, the bears come home to find Goldilocks sleeping in their house.  Well, in this story a couple of things are reversed. Number one is that it’s a true story, not a make believe fiction story. Number two is that a bear is the one found at a person’s home sleeping outside their front door.

Warren Woodard went to open his front door only to find a slumbering black bear just inches from their door.  She went around to the garage to get her husband who came to inspect the scene.  The bear was obviously deep in slumber. So deep in slumber, that he had time to call the local community police department.

“A community police officer came first. That guy wouldn’t come in the driveway.” he laughs.

Warren speculates that because of a storm that had just moved through the area, that the bear found a good place out of the weather to take a nice nap. Pointing to his front entrance and trying to imagine what the bear was thinking when he took up temporary residence at his place he says “Here’s a nice dry place, If the door wasn’t there, he probably would have gone in the house.”

The police officer and Warren were able to cause enough noise to wake the sleepy bear out of the deep slumber he was in.

This true story ends much like the Fairy Tale, Goldilocks, and the Three Bears, but instead of Goldilocks being scared and running off into the forest this time it was the bear who ran off to the woods and we hope lived happily ever after.


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