Confused Mom Gets Flowers From Her Dog–The Card Explains It All

Theresa Potratz had lots of pets in the past. Always successful with training, she thought it would be the same with her next pet. After adopting a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Murphy, she realized he was quite a handful.

Most puppies chew something up once or twice. Murphy chewed everything! Not just that, he bit anybody who tried to stop his chewing.

From the moment I brought Murphy home he struggled with food and toy aggression. He chewed and bit everyone and everything around him.

Eventually, Murphy got himself into some big trouble. After chewing something he shouldn’t have (surprise!), it lodged in his intestines. But, that didn’t stop him. He kept doing it, and she had to keep taking him to the vet. Wondering how much more she could take, Theresa thought about what she could do. She went to bed one night with it weighing heavily on her mind. The next morning, she got up for work. While at work, she received a huge bouquet of flowers. After reading the card, Theresa began to tear up.

Her husband sent the flowers on Murphy’s behalf. He knew his wife felt so upset about her pup. In doing this,  he hoped she would realize everything would be ok. We’re not crying…there’s just something stuck in our eye…

As he aged, Murphy grew out of his bad habit. Now, Theresa wouldn’t change a thing about him. Unfortunately having items removed when he was younger, Murphy has to be hand fed.

He’s a wonderful companion to Theresa. And on the bright side, who else can say they received flowers from their dog at work? We’re glad that everything worked out for Theresa and Murphy, and that she didn’t decide to give up on him.

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