For only $15, this Texas theater lets you bring your furry best friend and drink bottomless wine


Do you ever wish you could bring your dog with you to more human establishment places? Sure, it may be fun to bring your dog to PetSmart or Home Depot, but what about other places. Well, if you live in Plano, Texas you are in luck. One Texas movie theater is allowing people to bring their dogs to the movies. Read on and see if your town might follow the lead that this movie theater is taking.



The theater is called K9 Cinemas. You can probably get a good hint from the name, that they cater to dogs there. And you would be right. The movie theater was designed to allow pet lovers to bring their dog with them to see a movie. For some people, this takes the stigma out of going to a movie alone.  Plus, what better date could there be than with your best canine friend?



The idea was created by Eric Lankford. He is the pet owner of an Australian Eskimo dog named Bear. The plan was for $15 to include one ticket for the human one for the dog. A second dog could come along for an additional $5. No new films are shown. Instead, there are theme nights and one-off screenings. The Game of Thrones was hosted this past weekend.


Dog-Friendly Treats Are Available Too!


At K9 Cinemas you can even buy dog-friendly treats. Of course, some rules apply. You must clean up after your own dog. Also, you must bring papers from your vet at the first visit to show that your dog is up to date on vaccinations.



The founder, Eric Landford is surprised that no one didn’t come up with this concept before this.

“I can’t believe we are breaking ground with a new niche nobody has done before – dogs and movies! We are excited to spread the smiles across your whole family’s faces, furry included, at a K9C near you, coming soon!”



If you happen to be in Plano, Texas stop by the K9 Cinema from 7:30-11: 00 PM and enjoy a movie with your dog. Hopefully, more of these type of dog-friendly theaters will start opening in other states too. Check out the following clip to learn more about K9 Cinemas.




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