Forced To Live Chained Up Family Leaves Her Behind During Flood, She's Still So Lovable

I’ve often heard it said that things sometimes have to get worse before they can get better.  This couldn’t have been truer for one border collie that was left in Hurricane Harvey.  Alone, scared, waters rising and prepared to die she waited.

Callie was used to a rough life.  She had lived outside her entire life, was heartworm positive and missing fur and teeth.  Just when it seemed like life couldn’t get any worse, Hurricane Harvey hit Texas and as people evacuated, she was left behind to fend for herself.

The Underdog Project

Callie was a survivor and found a way to the top of a trailer house as the waters rose.  People got their dogs out and although neighbors saw Callie, no one came to rescue her.  No one that it is until people from The Underdog Project heard of Callie and came in with a boat to perform the rescue.  Callie was so friendly and appreciative acting through it all.

The Underdog Project

Callie is now at Rescue Dogs Rock NYC receiving the medical care that she has needed for so long.  She will soon be up for adoption.

A Brighter Future Awaits Callie

Had it not been for the Hurricane, who knows how Callie’s life story would have played out.  But thanks to the caring people at The Underdog Project and Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, Callie now has a new lease on life.

Once she is healthy she will be put up for adoption.  Let’s hope and pray that some special person will step forward and give Callie the home that she deserves.  This dog has been through so much, yet she continues to love people.  That says a lot about her character.

If you have any interest in adopting this sweet girl, you can fill out an adoption application with Rescue Dogs Rock by clicking this link here.

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