Former Soldier Adopts Retired Service Horse Who Helped Him Overcome Loneliness


A bond between an animal and a person can be a powerful thing. It can often withstand the test of time with each remembering each other after years that pass. For one man and a special horse, 15 years went by without seeing each other, yet they both connected again like it was yesterday.


Facebook/Ezphia Rennock

Ezphia Rennock, now 35-years-of-age met Agricola, a horse in a London army barracks. Ezphia was serving in the Blues and Royals which is a part of the Household Cavalry of the British Army. He served for seven years. While there, he was paired up with Agricola who was known as a “troublemaker” that no one could handle. Ezphia though proved everyone wrong and struck up a strong bond with the noble steed.



Ezphia and Agricola met at just the right time when they needed each other.  “Coming away from home as a 17-year-old, it was difficult, and Agricola was where I found companionship,” Ezphia said. “I loved all of the horses, but Agricola was special.”


When Ezphia retired in 2007 he sadly figured he would never see Agricola again. He wished he could fulfill a promise he made to the horse. “I used to sit there with him every day and tell him that one day after retiring I would come back and adopt him so we could be together once we had completed our service,” he said.


Facebook/Ezphia Rennock

Ezphia Had To Think Outside Of The Box If He Were To See His Beloved Horse Again


Miraculously after a full decade, Ezphia got news that Agricola would be retiring and was up for adoption. However, he knew that he would need to bid on the horse and that the bidding could get high. So instead of just bidding, Ezphia wrote a letter to support why he would be the best home for Agricola.


Facebook/Ezphia Rennock

The letter must have fell in the right hands because Ezphia’s plea worked! “Although I was not the highest bidder, they called me instantly and told me to come and pick him up,” he said.


Facebook/Ezphia Rennock

The day that Ezphia and Agricola were reunited, Ezphia said that the horse “recognized me instantly” and, “It was as if I hadn’t ever left.”


Facebook/Ezphia Rennock

Ezphia and Agricola truly got the fairytale ending that they both deserved. Now they will have lots of time to be together without any pressure.

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