Four Tiny Pups Covered In Mystery Substance–Rescuers Feel Their Fur And Stifle A Sob

The KC Pet Project had just got done closing for the day when they received an urgent call. Police had been dispatched to a domestic violence call when they found four pups in dire need of attention. Upon arrival, the police realized all four puppies had been covered in a mystery substance.

Tori Fugate, the rescue’s director, couldn’t identify the substance…until she got closer.

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Pups Rescued From Domestic Violence Incident

Four puppies, about nine weeks old, had been covered in paint from head-to-toe. Fugate was told that a man had dumped a milk jug of latex paint onto all four puppies. He was apprehended and then arrested.

However, the fate of the puppies was still to be determined. Latex paint has several harmful chemicals in them. Getting the paint off the fur was no easy task. They had to find a way to remove the paint without using any more harmful chemicals on them.

Fugate reported, “There was no safe way to remove the paint without chemicals, so we ended up having to shave them.”

“We’ve had animals come in who had been spray-painted or colored with markers, but I’ve never seen anything quite like this.”

With all hands on deck, the workers proceeded to medically shave as much of the paint off the puppies.

Image by KC Pet Project

Happy Ending For Most

In the end, all four puppies are doing great! Once their story went viral, the adoption request began pouring into the shelter. They eventually gave the puppies names; Pablo Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Banksy, and Jackson Pollack!

Image by KC Pet Project

Animal control sent the case to prosecutors in hopes they will be charged with animal abuse. The shelter supervisor was happy to find out that the person who did this horrendous act is going to be prosecuted.

Fugate went on to say that, “We’re finding it so difficult to understand what kind of person would do this.”

The four puppies, which they think happen to be pit bull mixes, are set to be spayed and neutered before adoptions take place. Even though their fur is very short now, the puppies are happy and playful.

“We’re so thankful we could be here for them and get them into loving homes.”

Happy endings all around!

Image by KC Pet Project

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