Frantic Dog Won't Let Owner Rest Until She Checks A Storm Drain–She Was In For A Horrifying Sight

What started as a typical day for Charmaine Keevy and her rescued Dachsund, Georgie, ended up being anything but. The pair was out on their daily walk in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and everything seemed quite normal. Suddenly, though, Georgie began barking and frantically pulled Charmaine towards a concrete storm drain.

It was evident to Charmaine that Georgie wanted to show her something, so she decided to go check it out. Thank goodness she did.


Charmaine said that she thought that Georgie had just picked up the scent of a cat stuck in the drain. As she got closer, she could hear what sounded like meowing from down below. But the more she listened, she realized, to her horror, that it sounded like a baby. A human baby.

She sprung into action, hoping to climb down into the drain to see what was going on. Charmaine couldn’t see the baby from where she was, as the bottom of the drain was six feet below ground. She tried to lift the concrete cover off to climb down, but it was too heavy for her by herself.

She ran to the side of the road and proceeded to attempt to get a motorist to stop and help her get the concrete slab off the drain. For a while, everyone ignored her, until finally, 60-year-old Cornie Viljoen pulled over to help.

Neither of them was prepared for what they were about to find.


The pair of strangers quickly agreed that the sounds seemed like they could be emanating from an infant. They could hear the poor baby making pitiful noises. Cornie took a steel bar from the trunk of his car to use on the slab.

Together they used to bar to move the heavy slab and reveal what was underneath.

Cornie jumped down into the drain, but it was so narrow he still could only reach down and touch the baby, they still couldn’t see her. He did note, however, that there was a deadly red ant nest located very close to the baby, it’s a miracle she wasn’t killed.


Finally, Cornie was able to grab the babies leg and attempt to reassure her that help was on the way. He realized, however, that this was a crime scene. So he grabbed Charmaine’s phone and snapped a photo.

The baby was a newborn, she was bare naked, and her umbilical cord was still attached.

He handed the phone back up to Charmaine, then handed her the baby, as well. Charmaine wrapped the infant in her jersey and called the authorities right away.

The baby was taken to a nearby hospital where she was treated for hypothermia and severe respiratory issues.


The baby is now named Grace April, and without the heroism of one very short and long wiener dog, she wouldn’t be alive today.

For her part, Charmaine later posted that she thinks the universe has plans for that little girl.

“I cannot help but feel that there is some sort of a plan and a purpose for that little girls’ life – it’s a miracle without a doubt,” said Charmaine.

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