Freddie Mercury hid a secret his whole life-he was a cat lover


Recently, Freddie Mercury’s name has been brought up a lot. His life was honored in the Oscar-nominated, Bohemian Rhapsody. Many parts of his life were displayed on the big screen. But this famous musician has one secret the audience does not know about. He was an animal lover!


Mercury, one of the greatest musicians of all time, accomplished many things throughout his life. Perhaps one of his favorite accomplishments was being a cat father. Not many people know this about him. That is right, Freddy Mercury was a major cat lover!

In the photos throughout this post, you can see how much he truly loved his kitties. Although many people did not know this about him, it is true. And the pictures show it!


In fact, when Mercury was asked about if he will ever have kids, he responded,


“I think I’d rather have cats.”

The lead singer from Queen once dedicated his entire album to his cats. Also, he created a vest with all of his cats painted on it. Each cat was painted as a portrait. That is how dedicated the man was to his beloved pets.

During his tours, Mercury would actually call his cats on the phone. Of course, someone would be watching his cats. But the man would give them a ring and comfort them while he was away on tours. He truly loved his cats. Clearly, he was a good cat father!


Even though Freddie Mercury is no longer with us, he taught us a lot about music. But he also taught us how to properly care and love our pets, which is so important. The pictures show his love of cats.


If you are like Freddie Mercury and you too are a cat lover, make sure to like this post! Also, share it with friends and like us on Facebook!

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