Freezing temperatures almost kill Fluffy the cat


Even the best pet owners can make mistakes. Fluffy, an adorable cat only lived outside his whole life. When his family moved to Montana they had to make the transition for him to be an indoor-outdoor cat. But the problem was Fluffy did not know that he shouldn’t go outside when it was too cold out!


Recently, Fluffy made the mistake of going outside in the freezing cold. When he returned, his owners could not believe it. He was literally frozen. Being the good animal parents they are, they took him immediately to the vets’ office.


When the family arrived at the office, they took Fluffy’s temperature. The cat was too cold to even read on the thermometer. So the team knew they had to work quickly. They immediately tried to warm the sweet cat up.


Andrea Dutter, executive director of the clinic, explained,”They’ve always been great pet owners so they didn’t hesitate to bring her straight here. It was all hands on deck. We had both doctors here working to thaw the snow and ice off her with warm water, and they were also blow-drying her and rotating in warm towels from the dryer.”


Dutter adds,“She was with us here for a few hours and then spent the night at an emergency animal hospital to be monitored. By the next morning, she was already doing well and walking.”

She continues,

“Her owners are new to the area and when they first bought their house, Fluffy was an outdoor cat already living there in the backyard. She was established out there at that point, but after they started taking care of her she began living half indoors.”

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