Frenchie Celebrates 1st Birthday With Things That Make Her Happy, Pics Are Precious

A birthday is a great excuse to have a party, especially when it’s your very first birthday.  It’s extra fun to celebrate your special day with close family and friends.  That’s exactly what this french bull dog did on her first birthday.

Emma Bias loves her fur babies and her lizard (scale baby?) so much that she spared no details in throwing a birthday party for her French bull dog named Marvel.  Because it was Marvel’s very first birthday, it made sense to invite his special family friends to join in the celebration.  Bias proudly introduced the guest in attendance. “Skye is the black lab and she’s 6 years old.  Neave is the yellow lab and she is 3 years old.  Espurr is the cat and she is 1 year old. Sparrow is the bearded dragon and he is 4; he is the only brother in the group. They all love each other very much. The sisters love to play and cuddle together.”

Time to Party

After Marvel opened presents, the dogs ran around the yard and played.  Then it was time for cutting the cake and eating snacks.  Because he was the guest of honor, Marvel wore a gold colored hat for eating time.  Emma describes the special menu tailored to meet the needs of each species. “I made a homemade dog-friendly cake which was made of oats, carrots and blueberries with peanut butter icing. I made cheese and chicken biscuits, and I left out salad for the bearded dragon.”

The party went on for about two hours.  When human parties go on that long things are bound to get messy, but that was not the case for this polite group.  As a result of all the fun, the animals were all ready for some rest when the party was over.

As a result of all the fun, the animals were all ready for some rest when the party was over. SHARE if you know someone who has had a birthday party for their fur baby.

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