Friendly Bear Surprises Driver, Everyone Had To Look Twice

Animals are smart, maybe even smarter than we think. When this extremely large bear did something out of the ordinary, bystanders were amazed.

One day visitors were driving through the Olympic Game Farm in Washington. In this zoo-like area, many animals like the bear are kept and taken care of. This exhibit is unlike any other because it gives visitors the opportunity to be up- close and personal with all types of creatures. Some would argue it is better than a zoo because the animals are in their natural habitat and have a large amount of space to roam.

Animals are so unpredictable!

As the visitors approached one of the many animals in the exhibit, a bear, with their car, they noticed how he was sitting up straight in a human-like manner. The visitors were astonished as to what happened next.

The 300-pound bear began to wave! He responded to one of the visitors saying hello. This creature seemed friendly towards them. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience for them.

The visitor even caught the wave on video.  Watch the video and sure to comment what you thought of the waving bear.

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