Friendship Between Lucky Cat And Firefighter Sets The Internet Ablaze

California’s catastrophic Camp Fire has gone down as the deadliest fire in the state’s history. The massive blaze began on November 8 and destroyed more than 14,000 homes, killed at least 85 people and raged across more than 153,000 acres, CNN reports. But in the midst of this depressing news comes one heartwarming story that’s been lighting up the internet.

It was a grueling day of work in Paradise, California, for firefighter Ryan Coleman, an engine captain with the Fairview Valley Fire Department.  But one very cute resident came out to give him a little bit of love and support, TheAnimalRescueSite reports.

Kitty Fire Victim Gets Rescued

Thousands of people and pets are homeless because of this fire, and the beautiful fluffy gray cat was more than happy to greet him. The poor cat was quite shaken. She needed a little comfort, so Coleman hoisted her on his shoulder.

Where she stayed for the rest of the day

The kitty showed her appreciation by head-butting him and just generally being very cute, People reports. And Coleman had a big smile on his face.

“Kitty rescue,” he posted on Facebook. “She just chilled on my neck and shoulders as I’d walk around.”

Ryan even posted a video of himself and his feline friend, and it received lots of viral love. To the tune of more than two million views. One commenter asked if he planned to keep the kitty.

“I wish,” he responded. “I’m still out here.”

You can watch the lovable interaction in the video below.

Things are looking up for this gorgeous sweet-natured cat. She’s being cared for by a friend of her owner, SFGate reports. We’re so happy there’s good news in this kitty’s case.

Thousands of pets are still homeless — but you can help

As can be expected veterinary clinics in the area are overflowing with pets and volunteers and/or donations are needed. GoFundMe has started numerous campaigns for animals displaced by the Woolsey and Camp Fires, which you can check out here.

The devastating fire is now 100 percent contained and we hope all these beautiful pets who give us so much, are soon reunited with their owners. And kudos to Ryan Coleman for his bravery, and for rescuing this sweet cat.

Featured image by Ryan Coleman via Facebook

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