Furious dog argues because the park is closed, mom's comeback is hilarious

Bad days come all too often to humans – being stuck in traffic, arguing with your boss, etc. We find ourselves moaning to our friends and family about those bad days. But it isn’t just humans who moan about bad days. Dogs can often show their furious side to their owners. One little dog has taken the internet by storm because of his moaning. That little pooch is none other than Walter Geoffrey the Frenchie.

Walter is a bit of a superstar with his vocalizations. Even his owner remarks on it. “Don’t get me wrong, Walter the Frenchie usually is a very good boy, but occasionally, he likes to unleash his vocal roars in order to get his point across.”

Walter gets furious…

Image via screencapture from YouTube video

I have never heard a dog make a noise such as Walter has, not even my own dogs. But one wonders why he resorted to being such a furious little pup. As it turned out, his owner wasn’t taking him to the park. Walter was so upset he decided to make it known. It sent him into overdrive and the world is thanking his owner for such an adorable video!

Of course, we can’t fault him. The park is such a fun place to be. For dogs, it’s a haven! They get to run around playing with other dogs, have their toys thrown, or soak up the sun while an owner sits on a bench.

Walter, however, starts acting like a child, so his mama treats him as such.

…Mom was having no-nonsense, and let him know

During the video, you can hear her trying to talk over him. When he finally stops, her ‘scolding’ makes us smile and laugh. She lets him know how much of a grump he’s being. For me, that is great parenting!

Image via screencapture from YouTube video

Check out Walter below and how his mom makes him stop being furious.

Featured Image via screencapture from YouTube video

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