Fuzzy 'Grandpa' Bat Looks Like Dog With Wings Internet Finds Out He Isn't Photoshopped

Creation is so amazing really.  Just when I think I’ve seen the most beautiful flower or most exotic animal, something new to me pops up.  Check out this adorable bat that has a fuzzy dog-like face.

Nicolas Nesi, is a postdoctoral research associate at Queen Mary University of London studies fruit bats.  While working on his PhD thesis in 2009 he found a most unique looking bat.  The Buettikofer epauletted bat was one of the most impressive he had ever seen.

“He looks to have a dog head because this is an adult male specimen,” Nesi explained. “Adult males have a large snout with large lips (that look like a dog’s).”

Males from this species of bats have long white hair around the scent glands called epaulets on their shoulders.  The hair can be puffed out or retracted to attract potential mates.  All of that hair makes this bat look dog-like.  And of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this beholder thinks this furry bat looks darn cute.

Some people who saw this photo, believed it was photoshopped.  Nesi is used to such responses but says this is the real deal.  “I work with this species, so I know what to expect,” Nesi said. “[But] I can understand how people can be surprised and say that it is Photoshopped.”

“Fruit bats are very important because by eating fruit they spread seeds, and in doing so, contribute to the regeneration of forests,” Nesi said. “Also, fruit bats are, like insect and birds, very important pollinators in tropical and desert environments.”

Do You Think This Bat Looks Dog-Like?

Take a look and see for yourself.   Maybe this bat even resembles your own dog.  This we know for sure, whether you think this bat looks like a dog or not, it is a valuable part of our ecosystem. The furry facial features are just a bonus for us all who think they look cute.

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