Gas Man Makes A Delivery Then Finds A Tarp, What Was Under It Left Him Speechless

When this gas man showed up for a delivery in East Orange, New Jersey he noticed a huge mess that was left behind by the owners.  As he made his way to the service line he heard scratching, screetching and panting coming from under a blue tarp that was thrown on the floor.

When he lifted the tarp he was speechless.  Under the tarp were 5 pet crates.  As he looked closer at the crates he counted 9 cats and baby kittens crying out for help.

The smell of urine, was an indication that the cats had been there for awhile. Cats won’t normally go in a small enclosure like a crate unless too much time has passed and they have no choice but to relieve themselves. Another sign that the cats had been there for a long time was that the cats were all crying out for food and acting famished.

Mike hurried to the store to buy them food. The hungry cats wasted no time in gobbling up what Mike so kindly offered them. Mike then contacted a rescue organization called Miss Pat’s Cats. Patricia Andrews-Webb, the founder of the organization hurried to meet Mike and get the cats.

Andrews-Webb recalls, “I met him at the location, we loaded up the cats in my car and he drove me to my foster who said she would hold them until we can find rescues/fosters or adopters for them.” She added that “They are all extremely friendly.”

The cats were all placed in temporary fosters homes while Andrews-Webb scrambled to find a long-term place to house them. Thankfully, St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in Madison, New Jersey agreed to take the cats in as they awaited permanent homes.

We will never know why the cats were left there in that garage.  However, we do know that it was a blessing that Mike found them just in time. What is most incredible is what Andrews-Webb explained about Mike, “He wasn’t even supposed to read that meter. God sent him there. Had it been someone else, they could have died in these carriers.”

God puts the right people where they need to be at the exact time they are to be there.  If you think Mike went above and beyond what his job description like and share on Facebook.

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