Gentle Giant Is So Depressed He Travels Thousands Of Miles In Search Of A Forever Home

Animals are no different from humans in many ways. When things aren’t going well for us, we want to find our way home to our family and our own bed. But what happens to animals that don’t have a forever home to go to?

Well, thanks to groups like Hope for Paws, a large number of those hopeless animals get a second chance at finding their peace, comfort, and a new loving family. That group recently received a call about a couple of giant dogs roaming a local neighborhood in Los Angeles, and a couple of rescuers raced to the scene to see how they could help.


What workers discovered upon their arrival was the last thing they expected. They found a massive black Newfoundland all alone and sprawled out on the sidewalk. It was obvious to the pair of rescuers that he was not doing well.

However, that wasn’t what shocked workers the most about the beautiful boy. No, the most shocking thing about this boy was how gentle he was. Rescuers noted right away, that dogs in situations like these are usually not calm and collected.

Sometimes, when a dog has been homeless for months and in dire need food, water, and safety they can be unpredictable. So, of course, the rescuers approached carefully as they always do.


One of the workers approached the giant ball of floof with a whole hamburger in the hopes of getting him to stay still. He very gently took the food, even though it was obvious he was starving. The rescuer was shocked at how easy it was to place the leash around the fluffer’s neck.

They named him Everest, verified with neighbors that this was indeed the dog, and placed him in the van back to the shelter. Rescuers never found out what happened to the dog that Everest was seen with previously.

As you can imagine, Everest was exhausted from his ordeal. When they got him back to the shelter, it took him a while to get his strength back. The poor guy might have still looked really big, but in reality, he was way too thin.

Although, his rescuers did point out that even though he was starving and exhausted, Everest loved that first bath.


The applications poured in from people wanting to adopt this beautiful boy. But it was one very special application that got the people at Hope for Paws excited. It turns out that Everest’s travels weren’t quite over with yet, he still had one last leg to his journey home.

You see, it was a couple from Oregon that the organization picked as Everest’s forever home. They already had a pair of dogs at home and were eager to add a third to the team. As luck would have it, not only did Everest find a forever home, he will also get to be a working doggo now.

The couple has a team of dogs, and those dogs are therapy dogs. They visit kids who have to be in the hospital to give and receive cuddles, love, and comfort every time they go to “work.”

And the couple in Oregon, as well as the people at Hope for Paws, had it right, Everest was perfect for the job. He fit right in with his new family, and he is happier and fatter than ever.

Always remember, Everest’s rescuers were trained in how to deal with dogs in distress. No one wants to see a dog alone on the street. However, always use caution if you should find a doggo in need. They are usually hungry, hurt, alone, and afraid, which makes them unpredictable.

Best to lay out some food where they can get it and call the authorities. Try to ensure that whoever you call is a  rescue to give the animals their best chance. Whatever you do, never call PETA.

Click here to donate to Hope for Paws, or locate one of your own local no-kill rescues in need.

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