German Shepard Wants Seconds-How He Demands More Food Will Leave You Smiling All Day

Did you ever have a conversation with someone and wondered why they aren’t understanding you correctly?  Many of us have most likely had that experience.  Maybe you can relate to this beautiful German Shepherd who is trying to show his human that he would like another bowl of food.  Of course, his human is playing along like he doesn’t understand what his dog wants.

The dog named Apollo had just eaten a few minutes ago.  But he doesn’t seem quite satisfied yet.  In the video, he hits his dish with his paw trying to tell his human that he’d like more.  The man questions the dog several times, asking what he wants. Then when the man goes to the pantry, the dog whimpers in approval.

The intensity of Apollo’s eyes is what gets me the most.  He’s looking directly at the man and the camera almost without blinking.  Apollo looks like he’s wondering if he needs to spell out his request to make him understand.

German Shepherds are extremely intelligent dogs. Most shepherds are capable of understanding up to 250 words and gestures.  German Shepherds are not for everyone. They need challenging jobs to thrive.  They are very eager helpers like a treasured employee or best friend who is always there for you.  Their energy level is high and often described as “volcanic.” The German Shepherd is a favored dog for tough jobs such as herding, police work, and service animals.

Enjoy this video of Apollo trying to show his owner what he wants.

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