German shepherd discovers 'Petting Machine' he will never be the same

As animal lovers, we all know that dogs are much smarter than many people give them credit for. There are some dogs, though, that seem like they are even more intelligent than that. Take, for example, this one little dog in Turkey. She realized she didn’t need any humans once she figured out there is a free petting machine at her local car wash — and now that we have seen the video, we will never be the same.

We want you to meet Linda, the German Shepherd, here’s her story.


One very smart stray German Shepherd lives in the Turkish province of Izmir, and her name is Linda. One day, she started to show up to an automatic car wash multiple times each week.

Image Screenshot from Funny Sexy Pets via YouTube Video

It didn’t take long for workers at the car wash to realize what Linda was up to. You see, she wasn’t there for food or even to contact a human. Linda was at the car wash for one particular reason — back rubs, and lots of them.


This incredibly intelligent German Shepherd somehow figured out that all she has to do is stand and wait. When Linda sees a car pull in, she gets into position.

Image Screenshot from Funny Sexy Pets via YouTube Video 

Now, this might look scary for Linda, but she knows exactly what she’s doing. She eases up behind the car, carefully avoiding any stray drops from the initial water blast.


Though that first spray of water is a doozy, Linda knows precisely where to stand to avoid the worst of it.

Image Screenshot from Funny Sexy Pets via YouTube Video

Then, Linda knows just where to place herself for the maximum payoff. You can see in the photo above; she waits patiently for just the right moment.

Image Screenshot from Funny Sexy Pets via YouTube Video

Then, as soon as the fluffy rollers reach the back of the van, Eureka, it’s time for the payoff. This smart German Shepherd knows how to get maximum pets with minimum effort.

Watch the full video below.

Do you know a dog as smart as Linda? Tell us about it in the comments.

Featured Image Screenshot from Funny Sexy Pets via YouTube Video

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