Dolphins Tease German Shepherd On Boat–He Decides To Go After Them

As the rule goes, never run away from an aggressive dog. Triggering an instinct, the dog may chase you down. We can never predict what an animal will do, but if they are showing aggressive behavior, proceed with caution.  This does not just apply to humans when dealing with dogs, the rule applies to dolphins as well.

Maverick Meets Dolphins

In the video, this German Shepherd Maverick watched as dolphins jumped near the surface of the boat. He watches them eagerly as the jump and play closer and closer to the boat. Eventually, their taunting gets to Maverick. While Maverick isn’t aggressive, his puppy dog instinct kick in– He jumped straight into the water!

Being very curious and smart, dolphins commonly swim along with ships while playing in the water. They are extremely intelligent and often “escort ships” to where they need to go. They swim along with the boats for a period of time until they find something else to follow or until they’ve completed their “journey”. They are also the only other mammal known to mate for pleasure. Additionally, dolphins became known for assisting humans in danger.

With fish guts, also known as “chum” already in the water, they’re lucky Maverick got back safely. Often the appearance of chum shows sharks are in the area. But in this case, Maverick was safe. Thank goodness.  Sharks could’ve chased Maverick around, and it may not have ended as happily as his romp with the dolphins did. Luckily, the dolphins seemed pretty friendly with this cute dog!

The sweet pup tried his hardest to watch from afar, but he just wanted to play with the hairless, sea puppies. Check out the video below to see some total cuteness when it comes to this sweet Shepherd and the Bottlenose Dolphins becoming friends.

We’re so glad Maverick got to play with his aquatic mammal friends!

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