German Shepherd Has Hilarious Reaction To Cheese Challenge


You may have heard about the latest craze that’s going around this month where people throw a cheese slice at their kids and pets then film it. Are you confused?


Let’s see what this is about.


This is Meeko! Her reactions to the ‘cheese challenge’ is hilarious.  Watch as she completely freezes with her newfound cheese eye patch!  She really wants the cheese, she’s just not sure how to remove it or even if she should. She is different from other dogs out there who would snatch this treat up in two seconds flat!


Kristen Read also tried out the “cheese challenge” on her Dalmatian pup Apollo, with hilarious results. When she placed the cheese slice on Apollo’s nose, he promptly fell backward. Luckily he was on the couch but Apollo made the most of the situation by eating the cheese quickly.



Another Challenge…

The “egg challenge” is very simple. First, you place an egg in your dog’s mouth and then get them to hold it there without breaking it, testing how gentle their jaw is.  If you think humans are crazy for encouraging this, it’s basically because we are.



Enkei the pug tries his best to perform a different type of challenge this one is the egg challenge. However, he doesn’t quite grasp the concept. Enkei successfully manages to carry the egg in his mouth without breaking it, while trying to get away from his owner. He is too stubborn to let go of the egg and give it to his owner apart from her constantly repeating “Give it back, give it back to mommy”. The egg ends up splitting in two on the floor and the dog is smelling the leftovers. Enkei is not the only dog doing this challenge but there is an odd viral craze of pet owners putting eggs into their dog’s mouths to see if it will hold it gently or crush it to bits.

The video is, without a doubt, adorable.

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