German Shepherd Left In A Metal Cage In The Hot Sun With No Food Or Water

Unfortunately, animal abuse cases continue on through the history of humankind. What drives people to hurt and neglect animals is nothing short of evil. Thankfully, there are many kind people in the world who rescue animals that have been mistreated.

Enfield police recently received a call about a dog that was locked in a small cage. To make matters worse, the German Shepherd was left in the hot sun beside a riverbank. There was no food nor water left with the dog.  He was left to die if help would not have arrived in time.

Authorities took the dog to a local veterinary clinic to be checked over. The German Shepherd was dehydrated but in otherwise good health. Because of the dehydration, the dog was kept at the clinic to be treated for dehydration and to give him time to recover from the ordeal.

Police are hoping to gain information about the owner. Animal cruelty will be charged if the owner is found. If you have any information about this dog, contact Officer Ryan at jryan @ or call 860-763-6400 ext. 1414.

What To Do If You Suspect Animal Abuse Or Find A Lost Pet

Shelters are all over the country waiting to take in dogs, cats and other pets who are homeless. Contact authorities or your local humane society if you suspect a pet is being abused. Because animals need our help, if you find a dog or cat roaming the streets or left in a cage like this, make sure to not delay the animal from getting help. In conclusion, it takes all of us to care for the animals in this world. And sadly, we need to make up for the bad people in this world who treat animals abusively.

Watch The Video Here Of The Abandoned German Shepherd Who Was Abandoned In A Crate

In conclusion, let’s hope this sweet dog finds a loving home that she deserves.

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