German Shepherd outsmarts his owner during a training session, he might be smarter than she thinks

Having a dog means teaching them lots of things: going outside to go potty, staying off the couch or your favorite chair to performing tricks.
It’s an overwhelming task that leaves most people wondering where do I even start? Most dogs start with sit and stay these are the easy tricks to teach even if you have never trained a dog before.  With a lot of persistence and positive reinforcement you can teach your dog to follow commands and do some pretty amazing tricks.

The Trick

This German Shepherd is learning a new trick.  What he is suppose to do is balance the treat on his snot until given the command to catch and eat it.  For this specific trick, you may want to try using a treat that is flat enough to balance well on your dog’s nose without falling off.

But for this dog, “the falling off” isn’t the problem because he doesn’t have the patience to wait for his command. The dog treat is gone in one big bite long before the command is ever given.

 Try Again

How hilarious is that?  As with any training it could take lots of practice.  For this German Shepherd the trick will  require a lot of patience on the side of his owner. Notice how calm the owner is when the dog doesn’t “perform” the way she intended.  She doesn’t become frustrated she just giggles.

Instead of teaching HIM a trick this dog might be training his owner into thinking that this is pretty funny too.

I think the pup just needs some more time to work on the “stay” part of the trick but once he has that mastered he will be a pro.  For now the word “stay” doesn’t make a difference to this dog.  He is probably thinking “that smells like bacon on my nose” and obviously “I should eat it!”

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