German Shepherd puppies try to gang up on Mom, she quickly turns the tables on them

Kids can be absolutely exhausting to take care of. Their constant need for entertainment never seems to be satisfied. We often find ourselves as parents trying to find something to entertain them. It can be a challenge trying to occupy them even if they have everything they need. A German Sheherdpard mommy has recently figured out the perfect way to keep her pups entertained. Although it takes a lot of work, she successfully did it.

If you too are a struggling parent trying to keep your kids entertained, maybe you should take after this pooch. Unfortunately, it may take a lot of energy to do what this mom can do.

German Shepherd Dogs are known for their high intelligence. Because of this trait, they have been assigned jobs in the military, as a guide and assistance dogs, rescue dogs and drug and bomb detector dogs. All of this makes it even more special when you watch such a noble dog, playfully interact with puppies.

In a video you are about to view, a father German Shepherd instigates play with his puppies as they hide under a parked vehicle. He does the universal dog sign for play by putting his hind end in the air while front paws are sprawled out on the ground in front of him. It’s absolutely adorable to watch as he coaxes his little ones out from under their hiding place.

Watch how some of the puppies seem timid to approach him at first. But his sweet disposition and calm demeanor eventually win over all of the puppies. They not only approach him but some reach out in nose touches and little puppy paw hits.

One quick and assertive movement from the father most likely would have sent the puppies running. They would have made a mad dash back to their hiding place. But this sweet dad never stops his gentle playful movements.

What makes this extra special is that this is a father, not the mother playing with the pups. Mother dogs are known for nurturing their offspring.  But many people don’t know what a valuable role a father dog can play in the upbringing of pups when given the chance.

When this German Shepard found her puppies restless, she knew she had to do something to occupy their time. So she decided to run circles around her adorable little babies. Little did she know how much they would enjoy her spirit.

In the video below you can see the mother start to run. But this wasn’t just any type of running. She was full out sprinting! Her pups absolutely loved their mother’s efforts to keep their lives fun. After she began her sprints, the puppies started to follow her, or at least attempt to.

Of course, the German Shepard puppies could not catch up with their energetic mother. But they tried to. They all try to catch her at the same time; it is so cute!

Although this took a lot of work and dedication, this German Shepard mommy successfully entertained her pups, while burning a lot of their energy! Now if you want to do the same, we recommend putting some sneakers on and bringing a sweat towel!

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