German Shepherd Separated From Military Dad For Nine Months–Her Reaction Is Priceless

Those of us fortunate enough to own a dog know just how much they miss us when we’re gone. And when we come home, there’s all that doggone cute silliness — the tail-wagging, wiggling all over, and giving us slobbery kisses. You know, that sort of thing.

Kind of like what Freyja, a very cute German Shepherd did when her soldier dad came home after he was gone for nine months. Freyja was really pent up with doggie emotions. She didn’t know where her human had gone. All she knew is he’d been gone for a very long time. Was he coming home? She didn’t know.

Then one day he finally did come home. And plopped down on the couch, arms outstretched and hands behind his head. Waiting patiently to reunite with his pooches.

This Dog Can’t Contain Her Happiness

Image by Poke My Heart via YouTube video

A family member records the goings-on, and we hear excited barks. Then he whistles for Freyja, and she bursts forward in a barrage of wiggles and slippery kisses. A cute smaller dog and another handsome German Shepherd want to get in on the act, but the young man only has eyes for Freyja (for the moment being, anyway.)

Image by Poke My Heart via YouTube video

Freyja whimpers and yodels (that’s what I always call it) ecstatically and flops over for an emergency belly rub and nuzzles her dad while the other dogs dance and hop around excitedly and it’s fun to see such a happy reunion.

Image by Poke My Heart via YouTube video

Think of how much we really could learn about love from our dogs. I’m a child of the 60s, and I well remember the famous poster by Lorraine Schneider, which said:

“War is not healthy for children and other living things.”

I’m definitely against war for any reason, but when I see stories like this, it gives me hope. In a world that is full of harsh realities, we have sweet and wonderful and gentle dogs like Freyja who shower us with unconditional love.

If you’re as addicted to dog wiggles as we are, watch the video below.

Featured image by Poke My Heart via YouTube video

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