Pomeranian Freezes To Death And You Can Take Action Against The Abuser

In January, a cruel man abandoned a helpless animal in a cage outside Detroit Dog Rescue’s office. The Pomeranian mix–Poms are known for their smile and sweet, yet energetic personality, as well as lots of fur–did not survive.

Image Source: Pixabay

Security footage shows van driving away after a man gets out of the van to drop off the dog. This sweet little dog didn’t stand a chance so late at night when it was so cold out, and in fact, the dog froze to death.

Image Source: ClickOn Detroit

A Pattern of Neglect

The abandonment of this little dog isn’t the only sign of neglect. Its toenails were overgrown. Fleas were frozen to its body. “Every part of the dog was frozen. We are just sending a reminder warning that it’s too cold to leave your dog outside for any length of time,” said Kristina Rinaldi, director of Detroit Dog Rescue.

Image Source: Pixabay

Seeking Justice

Detroit Dog Rescue is looking for any information about the van or the man involved in the cruel ending to this poor dog’s life. Anyone who knows anything can report it by calling Detroit Dog Rescue at (313) 458-8014 or by emailing at [email protected]

Image Source: Pixabay

If you don’t have any information, you can still help. There’s a petition going around for the Detroit Police to investigate this case of animal cruelty and bring this man to justice. As of writing this article, the petition has 110,546 supporters, but it needs 120,000. Support this dog’s right to justice–sign and share today.

It may be too late to save this little dog, but it’s not too late for justice.

Watch the report:

Article and Video Source: ClickOn Detroit

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