Giant Rodents Invade Factory

We often think of rodents as gross unwanted animals. They roam underground, in the woods, in subway tunnels, and more. Although many people are repulsed by them, there is no true way for them to ever be gone. There are so many precautions we take not to have them in our home, work, school, etc. One positive to having rodents is that they create jobs like pest control or animal control.

Usually, when one sees a rodent they scream or run away. Another way people handle rodents is by trying to kill or trap them. But this is not the case in this story. During a normal day at a factory in Brazil, something extremely unpredictable happened.

Nine capybaras entered WEG factory, an engineering and technology company based out of Brazil, where they walked around leisurely. If you are not aware of what these animals are, they are enormous rodents native to Brazil. The best way to describe one of these furry creatures is that they are like a rat on steroids. They are huge!

Captured on camera, you can see the capybaras touring the factory. Oddly enough they were not bothered by anyone in the factory. Once they noticed someone was following them with a camera they simply just walk away. People from the factory believe that these bizarre animals entered through a hole in the fence, which has since been patched.

The good news is that the capybaras were escorted outside without any problems. A fact0ry worker just followed them all the way to the door where they walked out. Their visit was really no issue for the factory workers; they actually got a little chuckle out of it.

 The factory workers are still trying to figure out why these rodents came for a visit. Share this funny story with friends and like us on Facebook!

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