Girl Gets Home From School And Finds The Biggest Surprise, Her Reaction Is Sweet

One of my fondest memories is getting my first puppy for my 3rd birthday, I named her Goldie and I was pretty excited and surprised.  She and I were best friends.

Not all people can contain their feelings, of course not everyone is as boisterous and emotional as this little girl is about getting her kitten.

For 9-year-old Ella, keeping her emotions all bottled up never entered her mind. Her mother surprises her with a gift she will probably never forget for the rest of her life.

As the video starts out Ella is coming home from school and walking toward her room.

She asks “Who turned the light on?” as she opens the door.

Faintly we hear a tiny meow coming from the other side of the room.  As the video continues the little girl goes from a huge smile to crying hysterically.

She’s totally shocked and overwhelmed, she slips off her backpack before bending down and picking up the tiny little black kitten.

As she continues to cry she holds the kitten dearly close to her.  She is unable to stop crying as she snuggles the cat closer.

“Do we get to keep her?” she whimpers in desperation checking with her Mom  to know if the surprise is real.

“Yes!” Mom replies.

Wow, that’s quite the reaction if my kids ever have a reaction like that to a gift, as a Mom that would make me just as emotional.

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