Girlfriend Gives Him Ultimatum Choose Her Or The Dog, He Doesn't Hesitate For A Second

Everybody in the world has relationships. Relationships come in many forms: friendships, family,  coworkers, and significant others. Many things can go wrong in a relationship whether it be a communication failure, a loss of interest, or maybe something else. It is usually a bad sign if things come down to an ultimatum. When one person forces the other to choose, it can point to signs of a big issue. When a huge argument comes about and the two are butting heads over the dilemma, it’s usually a sign the relationship needs to end.

This man and his girlfriend had finally come to the point where they were prepared to live together. There was one big issue: his girlfriend despised his canine friend. She told him to choose: her or Molly, his beagle. 

He then made an ad online advertising,

That seems like a difficult position to be in, but it seems to me that the guy made the best choice. It would be impossible for somebody to give up such a cute animal like Molly if you agree with this share with your friends.

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