Golden Lab is Devastated When His BFF Died – Only One Thing Could Cheer Him Again


Nearly everyone knows how important it is to have a best friend. Having a best friend can be one of the most valuable relationships in your entire life. You can tell your best friend all your secrets, and they will always love you anyway.

It doesn’t matter if you have hands and feet or paws or wings, best friends come in all shapes and sizes. Ask Golden Retriever Forsberg and Ginger the orange tabby cat.

When Forsberg’s parents brought home the orange cat, Forsberg didn’t seem interested in getting to know a single thing about Ginger, and vice versa. However, after a little while, something beautiful happened.

Forsberg and Ginger both decided not to listen to those stories about cats and dogs not getting along. They figured out that life was indeed better with the best friend, no matter who says they aren’t supposed to.


For the next eight years, the pair was inseparable. Where you saw one, you always saw the other one. They ate all their meals together, they patrolled the house for enemies together (mailmen and mice, of course), and most importantly they slept each night with Ginger tucked in beside Forsberg.

As they grew older together a lot of their playing and patrolling turned into long cuddles with lots of naps. Until one day, Ginger wasn’t there when Forsberg woke up. She had succumbed to thyroid cancer, and suddenly, Forsberg was all alone in the world.

He started to grieve for his best friend, just like anyone would. He stopped eating enough and would wander the house looking lost and alone. Forsberg was so sad that his family started to despair that they would lose him to a broken heart.


Forsberg’s mom and dad were starting to get really worried when suddenly they had an idea. They saw a video on facebook of a sad dog getting a new lease on life when it got a new kitten, so they decided to give it a try. At this point, they would have tried anything to cheer up the poor fella.

They found a long-haired black beauty, who only resembled Ginger in one key way: She fell in love with Forsberg just as quickly as Ginger had.

But what about Forsberg? Would the new little kitty be enough to help him through his grief? Would the pint-sized fluff-ball be able to pull him out of his funk?

Well, see for yourself:

When it was time for their nap together, the pair even curled up in the same way that Forsberg used to curl up with Ginger.

Maxwell and Forsberg have now been living together for two years. Their family is delighted that the little black kitten was able to cheer up their favorite dog, Forsberg. The two even sleep in almost the same position as Ginger and Forsberg used to sleep.

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