Golden Retriever Pup Jumped In Front Of His Mom On Hike–Then She Sees His Face

As if dogs didn’t already do enough to prove humans don’t deserve them, this hero puppy took it to a whole other level recently. I want you to meet Todd. Todd was on an early-morning walk with his mom, Paula Godwin, when the unthinkable happened.

Image via Paula Godwin Facebook

Suddenly, without warning, there was something in Godwin’s path – a rattlesnake. She didn’t see the snake, and the snake did not see her until it was too late. Her appearance startled the snake so much that it prepared to snap at her legs to defend itself.

Image via Paula Godwin’s Facebook


Without even thinking twice about it, Todd rushed the snake and stood between it and his mom to protect her from the attack. Unfortunately, that meant that Todd took a painful bite right on his fluffy, adorable little snout.

Image via Page Godwin’s Facebook

“He jumped right in front of my leg where I surely would have got bit,” Godwin wrote on Facebook. “This is what a hero looks like.”


The brave boy yelped loudly, and his face began to swell instantly. Luckily, Godwin was able to rush Todd to an animal hospital located nearby. Within just a few minutes of the incident, Todd was in a room receiving antivenom to treat the bite.

Image via Paula Godwin’s Facebook

The vet kept him for observation for the rest of the day. However, as you can see in the photograph above, Todd is a fighter, and he already has a smile on his face.


Please remember, this wasn’t the rattlesnake’s fault. They don’t bite unless they feel threatened. On top of that, their bites are rarely fatal. Their venom, though, is incredibly painful and can cause blurred vision, numbness, pain, and difficulty breathing.

Image via Paula Godwin’s Facebook

After some rest and many hugs from his mom, Todd is nearly back to his old self. The swelling from the bite is receding significantly. Other than the black wound on the side of his adorable little snout, he is doing well.

Image via Paula Godwin’s Facebook


After this happened to Todd, Godwin thought about other dogs that might find themselves in the same situation. It can be expensive to treat an animal with anti-venom. Godwin did not start a fund for Todd; he’s all good. She did, however, start a fund to help other families who might not be so fortunate.

Image via Paula Godwin’s Facebook

No one should lose their dog or have to watch them suffer simply because they can’t afford treatment. Please visit Todd’s Rattlesnake Bite to donate and help out if you can.

Share Todd’s story far and wide and tell us what you think of this hero puppy in the comments.

Feature Images via Paula Godwin’s Facebook

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