Goldie Waits Alone With Note Around His Neck, People Were Crying When They Read It

Steve Moore adopted a 3-year-old golden retriever named Jackson about a month ago from a shelter. In this short amount of time, he’s trained Jackson to ignore distractions while waiting for him outside of stores while he shops and runs errands. The results are incredible.

Jackson will sit outside a store for as long as it takes for Steve to come back.  Steve has Jackson wear a sign that says,

“Dad told me to wait here – Me waiting.”

Many of the people who walk by think that it’s another case of an abandoned dog.  Sometimes people will leave their dog for good, with a note attached.  But this is far from what’s going on between Steve and Jackson.  In just one month’s time, they’ve developed a tight bond and trust that some people never achieve in a lifetime with their dog.

Jackson’s loyalty to what Steve asks him to do has people so intrigued that Jackson has become an internet sensation.  Steve finds that ironic.  “Everybody wants to take him home. I just find that amazing because four weeks ago, nobody wanted him.”

Even if people did want to take Jackson, he’s clearly not going anywhere.  Not without Steve that is.

This really goes to show what can be accomplished with a dog when they trust you completely.  Steve also obviously knows how to clearly communicate with Jackson.  “You can train any dog.  It’s all just about the attitude that you have and what you’re willing to bring to the table to interest the dog.”

Jackson obviously finds working with Steve both interesting and rewarding.  Watch this incredible video of Jackson waiting for his human dad outside of Target.

Would your dog do this?  What would it take to get your dog to want to listen with this much intensity?

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