Good news as Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo welcomes a brand new baby black rhinoceros


Recently, Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo welcomed a brand new baby black rhinoceros after a wait that lasted over a year. Now, to understand why this is such a big deal, you should know — black rhinos are currently critically endangered. So, the arrival of this brand new baby black rhinoceros is cause for celebration indeed.

We’re pretty sure the mama rhino thinks so too considering she was pregnant for 15 months.


The name of the 13-year-old mama’s name is Kapuki. She delivered the brand new baby black rhinoceros, as we said, after 15 months of pregnancy.

Can you even imagine if humans had to carry babies for that long?

Image Screenshot from ABC News Video

As you can see, both mama and the baby black rhinoceros are doing very well.


As of right now, the zoo has not yet named the new baby — nor have they announced if it’s a boy or a girl.

Image Screenshot from ABC News Video

However, the zoo did announce a few bits of good news. The baby black rhinoceros stood within the first 53 minutes and nursed several times.

According to the experts — both of those feats are “important milestones.”


Soon, you will be able to visit the new baby. Right now, however, Kapuki and her baby are in a secluded pen away from crowds at the zoo.

“The first 48 hours of a calf’s life are critical and we remain cautiously optimistic,” Lincoln Park Zoo said in a Facebook post.

Since 1960, the global population of these beautiful animals has fallen over 97 percent. Unfortunately, the Eastern Black Rhinoceros is popular with poachers because of supposed “healing properties,” contained in their horn.


So, as you can see, the baby black rhinoceros is a wonderful addition indeed. And, we are happy to report that we found an update.

Image from Lincoln Park Zoo via Facebook

A couple of days ago, the baby black rhinoceros’ keeper reported that the little one took a poo. Now, you might not think that poo is very exciting. However, according to the zoo, it’s both an important milestone as well as a great way to check on the health of the calf.

Check out this video: 

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Featured Image CC BY 2.0 from James_Seattle via Flickr 

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