Lost Your Cat? Cat Trackers Will Stop That From Happening

How a Cat Tracker Stops You from Feeling Lonely

If you’ve ever wondered why people would buy such a thing as a cat tracker, you’ve never been unlucky enough to lose a beloved pet. The grief can be overwhelming.

Just like dogs, cats quickly become part of our family, and it’s a terrible feeling when your cat doesn’t come home for dinner. For many people, a cat can be their only companion and often the friend they’ve had the longest.

The Tractive GPS cat tracker will make sure your four-legged friend stays on your property and doesn’t wander into hostile territory.

Do I Need a Cat Tracker If I Already Use a Pet Tracker?

Tractive have had a pet tracker on the market for some time now and its proven to be a useful and reliable product. The Tracker means that you can see exactly where your pet is at all times. If you’ve got a problem with misbehaving animals in your area, a GPS tracker will show you which animal is responsible. This can clear up any neighborhood squabbles before they escalate.

As a family, you may treat all your pets the same, but the fact remains that there are differences between cats and dogs. The size of each can be radically different, and there are many places that a cat may be welcome, but a dog is not. For this reason, a better option for you and your pets might be a pet tracker for your dog and a specially designed cat tracker for your cat.

How Does the GPS Cat Tracker Work?

The Verge reported that Tractive had announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas early in 2018, that they were about to release new versions of their GPS pet tracking device. One of which was manufactured specifically for cats. The Cat tracker works the same way as the pet tracker but with a few subtle differences.

PCMag advises pet owners to think of GPS trackers as an extra precaution for your pet and not as an alternative to micro-chipping. In a nutshell, the tracker works by sending signals from your pet’s collar to the local cell phone tower, which then sends the information about your pet’s whereabouts to the internet. You can access the information with a phone app or desktop.

Tractive’s GPS pet tracker comes with a user manual, clips for the tracker to attach to your pet’s collar, the GPS tracker, and the charger. Tractive’s new GPS cat tracker comes with the same items, but the cat tracker collar weighs only 32 grams. The Tractive collar for cats is designed as a breakaway. There is no need to worry about your cat hurting itself from getting his collar stuck somewhere and trying to dislodge it.

Tractive’s pet collar also helps you find your pet if they do wander off. An LED light on the color shows you where your pet is and makes him, or her, more visible to traffic at night.

How Far Does the Tractive Cat Tracker Reach?

The GPS cat tracker enables you to create a virtual fence that has a minimum radius of 50 meters. The tracking app is updated every two or three seconds’, so you are easily able to tell when it’s time to call him home.

You need to sign up for a service plan with the cat tracker, but Tractive has a selection of plans for you to choose from. You are not locked into a contract, so you can disconnect and re-connect as you need to.

The Tractive GPS products are all user-friendly. The manual that comes with the system has detailed instructions on how to set up your cat tracker. You can also move your virtual fence when you choose.

Do I Need That Much Information about My Cat’s Comings and Goings?

Tractive’s GPS cat tracker can keep an eye on your beloved pet when you can’t. The Tractive cat tracker is designed so that you can see where your cat is at any given time. This is particularly helpful if your cat is approaching their senior years or ill. In these cases, knowing where your cat is could make all the difference in how long you have them with you. And if you’ve had your cat for any length of time, your home will be empty without him.

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