Grandma finds Goldie helping herself to an expensive dinner, all Grandma can do is smile

Dogs are some of the most intelligent creatures on Earth. Their senses give them the ability to be alert almost all the time. Compared to that of humans, their sense of smell, sight, and hearing is 1oo times better. Have you ever walked your dog and their sniffer is going off because the scent on the ground is leading them somewhere? Well, that is because of their amazing senses. A dog by the name of Lily seems to have these super senses too. But she recently got into some trouble, and she looks very guilty!

During one particular weekend, Lily was staying at her grandma’s house. The cute one-year-old mix of golden lab, poodle, and terrier spent most of her weekend relaxing. She is an extremely friendly dog, but like anyone, she has her flaws. At times Lily can get into a bit of trouble. Lily has had a history of being guilty of stealing food from others. But she is so cute, her family usually gets away with it.

While her grandmother had a steak out to thaw, Lily took full advantage of the situation. The smart dog’s senses were going wild. So she had to do something. While her grandma walked away, Lily made her move. She was no rookie; the golden mix knew she had to be extremely stealthy and take the evidence elsewhere.

When her grandma got back, she wondered where the meat went. But she knew who was guilty of the act. It did not take much investigating. Just by the look on Lily’s face, she knew she had done it. The video below shows the guilty dog after she got caught by her loving grandmother.

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Source: Guilty dog adorably smiles through Grandma’s reprimand by WildCreatures  

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