Grandma hunts for her ‘lost’ dentures, and her sneaky dog mocks her as she tries to find them


Luna is a happy little dog. And rightfully so. She was rescued off of the streets and then adopted into the home of Anna Carolina Lima and her fiance. The couple lives with Luna in Brazil and life is pretty perfect together. They love Luna with their whole hearts.


Anna Carolina Lima

Luna had settled into her new surroundings and life with Anna very well. In fact, Anna felt fine leaving Luna at her grandmother’s house during a recent visit. Anna’s grandmother adores animals just like Anna and her fiance does. So leaving Luna for a short time after lunch seemed natural and fine. But what happened while Anna was away, still has them all smiling.


Anna Carolina Lima
Soon Anna’s grandmother settled in for a mid-day nap. “As usual, she put her dentures under the pillow so as not to lose them,” Anna explained. However, Luna didn’t also settle into a nap. Instead, Luna used this time as an opportunity to explore and have some fun.
Anna Carolina Lima
When Anna’s Grandmother woke up, she couldn’t find her dentures. “She was pretty desperate that she couldn’t find her dentures,” Anna said. “She and my mom searched everywhere. They searched for hours.”
When Anna returned to the house, her first thought was to check to see what Luna was up to. Suspiciously Luna was hiding. You can probably guess where this story is heading. And you are correct if you thought Luna took the dentures. But it gets even cuter and more hilarious. Luna not only took the dentures but she carried them in her mouth like it was her own teethy smile.
Anna Carolina Lima
“I found Luna sitting in the armchair with Grandma’s teeth in her mouth,” Anna remembered. “She didn’t want to give them back!”
Anna Carolina Lima
Luna had to be coaxed to finally surrender Grandma’s teeth.
Being the good pup at heart that she is, Luna finally gave them up.
Anna Carolina Lima
No one was mad at Luna. She was simply being curious. “We all laughed a lot!” Anna said, “We all love animals.”

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