Grandma Scours Shelters For Dog No One Else Wants, Hearts Melt When Their Eyes Meet

When talking about rescuing a dog, most people think of going to a shelter and finding an older dog in need of a home. This becomes less appealing to most than the alternative: a new cute puppy.

Through rescue, Melanie and her new dog Jake became forever friends. When visiting Sacramento’s Front Street Animal Shelter, Melanie walked in and asked for the oldest, hardest dog to adopt.

While she was searching to help a dog in need, Melanie wanted a dog that could help her. She wanted one who would serve as a companion for her in her lonely times. Melanie felt lonely and depressed. During a visit from her grandchildren, they told her she needed somebody to keep her company.

When she arrived at the shelter, they showed her Jake. Jake lived at the shelter for quite some time. He had battled cancer along with other skin conditions. Finally Jake found a home after being passed up many times.

Although he was a twelve-year-old terminally dog with terminal skin cancer, Melanie didn’t mind the hefty vet bills. She looked to save a dog’s life, not her bank account. Jake was partially deaf and blind, but Melanie still wanted him.

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