Great Danes show they are truly THE BEST dogs around

If you are a Great Dane owner or just a sucker for these overwhelming large dogs, then this is the place for you. This bread is one of the most gentle and caring breads. Despite their large figure, Great Danes think that they are lap dogs. The pictures below are adorable and perfectly describe the fun bread. These are the greatest Great Danes!

SELFIE! This guy and his big pal are taking some cute pics together. Can you get your dog to stay still like this?

How Sweet! These great dogs are the best partners. As you can see the dog on the left is blind and the dog on the right is guiding his best friend.

This bread is not only great pets but even better babysitters.

Upside down? Right side up? This guy is a little confused with his sense of direction.

“Scooby Dooby Dooooooo!” This Great Dane is identical to the iconic cartoon character Scooby Doo.

Have you ever seen a dog bigger than a human? There is a first for everything!

Puzzled much?

A mommy and a baby-this pair are too cute not to look at. Night night!

Oh didn’t see you there! This dog thinks he the size of a lap dog. Maybe someone should tell him…

The big paw. Can you believe this pooch has a paw larger than a human hand!

Is this a cow tongue or a dog tongue? Either way, you would not want kisses from this interesting pooch.

First checkup for this little guy. The news is in large paws are a common theme in this bread.

 How adorable! The world is a better place with these amazing dogs in it. Thank you to all the folks who shared their cute pictures of their Great Danes. Maybe now you will think about getting a Great Dane for your family! Share this post with friends!

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