Great White Shark jumps out of the water to rob the fishermen of their catch


In Gansbaai, South Africa, incredible footage was caught of a great white shark off the coast. Taken on October 2nd, the video caught the giant shark leaping towards the cage of bait. The great white has no natural predators making it a very strong sea creature. On occasion, they may have to worry about killer whales. The world’s largest known predatory fish, the great white is one of the largest predators on other sea creatures. This video managed to catch a terrifying moment on camera: the great white bursts out of the water snatching bait right next to the diving cage.


The activity of being lowered into the sea in a protective steel cage in order to view sharks or other dangerous sea creatures at close range is called shark tourism, which is a form of eco-tourism rooted in having communities appreciate that local shark species are more valuable alive than dead. Instead of opting for a one-time economic benefit of harvesting sharks for their body parts, communities are made to assist interested tourists who may want to see live sharks.

Not only showing an amazing moment, but the video also catches the shark tearing the beat up close! The video shows it just about as close as you can get without getting seriously hurt. This group of charter boat fishermen on the Stunmai II caught a lot more than they were expecting on this day in Cape Cod Bay, Massachusetts. Two fishermen aboard the boat dropped lines in the bay hoping to catch a nice striped bass. Shockingly, two great whites leaped at the opportunity to take their catch before they could. By watching this video, you may think these are unusual circumstances, but we learned otherwise. In the Facebook post, the fishermen claim sightings of a great white happen at least once a day. Could you imagine seeing one of the most deadly marine animals once a day if not more? That could be scary.

Lucky for us, white sharks tend to live an isolated life. Adult great whites can be found in the open ocean or even by the shoreline. Typically, they keep as close to the water surface as possible. Also, they prefer to be in warm or somewhat warm waters. White sharks destroy their prey with their large, triangular teeth with jagged edges. With their powerful jaws, white sharks can rip off any piece of cartilaginous tissue with hardly any effort at all. If they put a little effort in, they can even break apart bones of their prey. However, this video does not portray unexpected events because sharks are not too picky about what they eat when they are hungry.


What did you think? Great white sharks are such fascinating creatures. Share this post with friends if you were amazed by the events in the video!

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