Grumpy Grandpa Receives Cat As A Gift, She Instantly Transform His Life, Family Is Amazed

We know from studies that animals can improve our outlook on life.  They can brighten our days and provide a love that just can’t be duplicated.  One depressed elderly man benefited greatly from the gift of a cat from his granddaughter.  He would never be the same once his feline friend entered his life.

Jiji was 94 years of age.  His body was suffering from the effects of old age and his state of mind was one of loneliness accompanied by a constant sadness.  His family had not seen him smile in quite a long time.  Watching a loved one suffer is one of the hardest things to go through.  That’s when Jiji’s granddaughter. Akiko DuPont decided to do something to try to help her grandfather.

Akiko DuPont

DuPont explains, “I got a cat for my sick and grumpy grandpa, and he turned his life around.”

Enter into the picture Kinako, the orange tabby responsible for giving Jiji back a zest for life.  DuPont was desperate to try something to help her grandpa.  “The doctor said he was sick. The once outgoing man gradually lost his interest in life and became grumpier than ever. It was around that time that I brought Kinako to live with us,” Akiko DuPont explained.

Akiko DuPont

The Power Of Love

At first Kinako was shy but then started choosing to spend all of his time next to Jiji. He’d even follow him around wherever he went.  Soon Jiji started to smile again.  DuPont and her family were so pleased and elated that Kinako had been able to help Jiji.

Akiko DuPont

DuPont started to document the progression that her grandpa was making in a series of beautiful photographs of him and his cat.

Akiko DuPont

These photos truly show how love from an animal can change a person from the inside out.  Because of one cat, Jiji now smiles again.

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