Guy attempts for drop off his dog to be put down, vet said it was for 'No Good Reason'

Dogs are the most loyal animals on the planet. We hear story after story about dogs saving people, or helping their owners. No matter what the situation, it always seems as if dogs are angels on Earth. Often people do not reciprocate the loyalty dogs give to us back to them. It is quite puzzling because people tend to leave their dogs at shelters or on the street. But this story tops the cake.

One man did not show his dogs any loyalty and decided he wanted to get his dogs euthanized for no good reason.

Cosmo, a lab-mix, and Sam, a pointer, were recently brought to the vet to be euthanized. You may be wondering ‘why?’ The reason is plain and simple. Even though this man had his amazing dogs for years, his new girlfriend did not want them around. Although the pets were perfectly healthy, she claimed to be allergic and not like them. Penny Emerson, president of Begin Again Rescue Co, comments,

“Apparently there was a change in his life plans, and they weren’t a part of that. It was really sad.”

Dr. Matt Cantrell, Cosmo and Sams’ vet also says,

“The reasons pet owners have given for ‘convenience euthanasia’ include moving, getting new furniture, shedding, divorce, job loss, property damage or the owners not wanting the responsibilities that come with pet ownership.”

A vet at the local clinic adds,

“None of us want to end a pet’s life unless it is to prevent suffering.”

Luckily for Cosmo and Sam, the veterinary clinic did not want to get them euthanized, rather find a new home. With the help of a rescue, the veterinary clinic found Eric and Tiffany Dybas, a loving couple in need dogs.

As soon as the pair came home with them they knew they made the right choice. Now Cosmo and Sam live a luxury life, full of tons of love.

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